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Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a 42 year old mother of 4 and married to my best friend. Born and raised in San Diego County; I have lived in San Diego all my life with the exception of 8 years in Desert Hot Springs, California. My family was practicing Roman Catholic and I grew up during the birth of the “Just Say No’ anti-drug campaign. I have spent the majority of my time raising my children, volunteering and pursuing my various interests to include running my photography business for 5 years. If you told me 3 years ago this is what I would be doing today I would have laughed myself silly.

How did you first get into learning about and using cannabis?

I have personal experience with cannabis for 20+ years, being an on and off consumer over that time. The first time I tried it was with an ex-boyfriend and his friend, I was 18. I remember a lot of coughing, being paranoid someone would know and eating mexican food afterward. I did eat an entire burrito in one sitting which was pretty unusual for me at the time. But nothing bad happened to us, our brains didn’t fry, a porthole from hell didn’t swallow us up, not even a hangover, nada. After that I would engage socially instead of drinking alcohol or occasionally at home to relax or help relieve pain.

The tipping point for me with cannabis in regards to medicine came after my health had been in decline for a few years, I had been given pills for side effects from my pills for treatment. I felt like I was taking a lot of pills without feeling any better, I was diagnosed with tumors for the second time in my life and my overall ill health was making me depressed.

After a especially frustrating doctor’s visit I decided to medicate with cannabis, from there I dove down the internet rabbit hole, called upon some trusted more experienced Northern California contacts and powered through my own personal experience. It was trial by fire, no other way to describe it, but once I starting finding things that worked for me it was life-altering. I went from 170-180 lbs. to 115 lbs. (I have a small build) making me realize the extra weight added to my pain which was already barely tolerable, the prescription meds I took providing little to no relief.

Once I began treating with cannabis my weight immediately started dropping, my pain was gone and I felt so much better. I had more energy and my flexibility was getting better every day. It was amazing to me to see that this simple plant medicine made such an impact on my overall health.

Tell us about Femme Nuri

During my journey I came to recognize a need for a space for Moms in the cannabis space, not for business and industry networking, we have organizations for that. For CannaParents treating their children with a life-altering holistic cannabis medicine, there are also organizations nationally that educate and support. But what about Moms who were patients, Moms like me?

From there I started a Mom’s group that has since grown into a women’s cannabis sorority. We put on cannabis educational events in San Diego, promote various California cannabis events and review & promote products/services we recommend for women patients. Femme Nuri has developed into a sorority for women like myself, a patient who believes the path to the social acceptance of cannabis is education and empathy.

I am a proactive person and felt there was a need for this opportunity for women, I love the sorority model being it promotes selfless service and building community but also as a committed group of women who believe in the organization they support and belong to. Yes our members pay to join in addition to volunteer their time for service, in return they build a strong network of peers and are recognized members active in their community. I am excited for what lies ahead.

How can women use cannabis to elevate their life?

Wow there are so many ways, let’s start with something easy and comfortable, try adding some hemp to your diet. I don’t want to segway too much here so I recommend you google eating hemp seed or adding hemp seed oil to your diet. Your skin will thank you for it. Simple as adding Hemp Hearts to your cereal every morning, journal to see what, where and when you start to notice the benefits. Regarding CBD, Get Some. I am not an advocate of CBD only treatments but do feel adding a regular dose to your day will assist in keeping your health well balanced. Look at all it’s therapeutic properties (28:1 and 20:1 even 18:1 ratios) anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pain relief. Who doesn’t treat at least one of those conditions regularly? I feel like with CBD you really can’t go wrong.

With reference to THC, my liver says, “Thank you”. There are a laundry list of items I can give for this one but I am going to keep it simple. To my vino-loving ladies out there, as much as I came to love wine, my poor body could NOT take it. Even with drinking lots of water and reducing my intake I would inevitably suffer the next days if not days. My beautiful solution has been cannabis. I can choose to use it in lieu of wine or medicate specifically for an activity, to do something creative or just improve an ordinary movie night at home. I have yet to experience an adverse effect or feel poorly the following day after use. I find a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio is a wonderful dose (Keep it 5 mg or under your first time) and have heard it compared to a glass of wine. Dosing ratios can be found on product packaging/label and in lab-test results for flower and cannabis concentrates.

Oh the options to elevate your wellness ladies! Have you tried a good CBD bath bomb while smoking a top shelf joint? If not I suggest your try it out for a self-care night soon! Pull out a good book or movie, an awesome facial mask, your favorite snacks and it is almost as good as a spa day. The bath bomb experience alone is luxurious as well as wonderfully therapeutic. How about these fun Ganja Yoga classes, tried a cannabis massage or Puff, Pass, Paint experience? Try the Emerald Exchange for example! What an awesome way to meet peers and have a great time! The list goes on and on, just get out there and find something that interests you!

What things can people do to get involved within the community?

I am big on being involved, I feel like if you can be a part of the process or development in something you believe in then you should do it. I am also more proactive than a lot of folks. One of the things I tell people frequently is cannabis needs everyone, whether you are looking to transition your career over to the cannabis industry or if you are a cannabis patient gifted with a special skill or talented hobby, there is space in the community for you. Get involved and follow advocacy groups like ASA and NormL that help us stay informed on politics and policies. Write letters to your representatives in government from local to federal, let them know your thoughts on cannabis as a voter. Educate your friends and family. The biggest thing I feel most anyone is capable of is coming out about their cannabis use to friends and family. The more of us who show the world we are not the stereotype the sooner things will change.

From your experience what can people expect at Emerald Exchange?

People can expect an enjoyable and memorable day at the Emerald Exchange. I found the Malibu location a perfect combination of rural luxury and the aesthetics ideal to the event. An outdoor venue with clear pathways for navigation of this amazing experience. As a fan of Northern California flower my appreciation for the Emerald Exchange affording us as guests access to products otherwise improbably was of deep gratitude. Everything offered was superb, the cannabis flower, concentrates and edibles. We enjoyed unmedicated delicious foods to include vegetarian street tacos and private blend teas in addition to fabulous artisans including essential oil healers, live painters and infused wine makers. An infused dinner followed by fantastic D.J.’s and daring performers.

The last time I attended the Emerald Exchange I met a sweet gentleman who was looking for information on how to treat a condition he suffered from with cannabis. He had previously been given poor instruction and suffered a bad experience making him doubt the potential of cannabis as medicine. But after repeatedly hearing how it can help so many he came out to the Emerald Exchange. I was introduced to him and sensed his defensiveness and doubt immediately, leading me to ask more about his situation and experience. It was then that he revealed he had taken an edible once in an attempt at treatment, far too potent and felt terrible.

With a simple explanation of the basics and how to treat a situation of over-medicating again I guided him to a vendor who sold a product I felt could benefit this man’s condition. In conversation with the vendor, AbsoluteXtracts, we came to find the very treatment I had recommended was being used successfully in a common acquaintance with the same condition as our new gentleman friend! He was overjoyed! My moral of the story is, you never know who you will meet at the Emerald Exchange and you’ll never know what could happen if you miss it. I’ll see you in Malibu, March 18th!